Disclaimer: The confessions posted here are NOT MINE and are sent in by MULTIPLE BGC fans. Any questions can be sent to the ask box.



The confessions in the inbox will be posted as text confessions, and after that, I’m ending the blog.

I hope the rumors about BGC13 being the last season aren’t true.


It’s funny how as soon as I turn off anon, nobody is sending complaints or senseless comments anymore.

Okay, so I’ve decided that I’m going to keep the blog going, but since I’ll be starting my college courses soon, I’m gonna have someone help me make confessions and answer questions. And I’m turning off anon on the inbox. Confessions will still be anonymous on the blog, but when I check the inbox, I’ll see who sent it, but no one else will. Since I’ll have someone helping, the wait for confessions should be shorter. The queue system has also been dismissed because of the trouble with confessions uploading, so they will all be uploaded at once.

annye0ngbitch asked
Noooo I can help you if you like lol

Email me rosepetalsandgoldmedals@gmail.com